About the Poker Story

About a month ago, we were assigned in a Mass Media Writing course to find a story on students’ life off campus. The majority of our stories were on drug abuse, sex and drinking. These are of course very sensitive topics, especially here in Egypt. We all tried to either change the names of the students or avoid mentioning names at all of the people who were interviewed.

I personally wrote about students who play poker on large amounts of money regularly. It was not difficult to gather information, because I have a lot of friends who play a lot of poker and constantly have poker nights. They talk about it in front of me and other friends but they still did not want anything to be officially published about them. When I told them I would be writing about it and took information from them, they all made sure that their names were changed in the article, especially because it was later published in the Caravan, which is our university newspaper.

But thank God, after the article was out, they were all very happy to read about it, and I felt very proud of myself.


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