The Famous “DEO Bazaar”

People selling handmade things in the DEO Christmas Bazaar

Every year, the school I used to go to, the German School in Cairo (DEO), holds a Christmas bazaar, selling a lot of handmade products such as jewelery, as well as possible gifts for people to give away for Christmas. They also sell traditional German foods and drinks such as “Lebkuchen” and “Stollen” which are both kinds of cakes, “Raclette” and “Glühwein” which is a hot mulled wine. Beer is also available.

More things which are sold in the DEO Bazaar for Christmas

The most interesting phenomenon one can see there is people of all ages drinking alcohol and even getting drunk. The people selling the alcohol are either parents or teachers, all German of course. It is only very rarely that they ask the people buying for an ID; and when they do ask about IDs they only make sure the person is above 18 not 21, because that is the legal drinking age in Germany.

Overall, the DEO Christmas Bazaar is an amusing annual event for people of all ages. Little children have fun activities and can buy toys, teenagers get to drink, eat and meet up with friends, and parents have the chance to buy some presents.

Merry Christmas DEO.


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