What Happened To Egyptians??

A couple of days back, I was waiting at the Tahrir bus stop when I suddenly saw something I would have never thought that I would see in my entire life.

Right next to the gate of the Main Campus, where all students wait for the bus, there was a guy, probably in his late twenties hitting a woman who seemed to be in her early twenties. She was veiled. They both seemed to be coming from a lower social class.

He kept on hitting her, slapping her, hitting her head against the wall, and she was not doing anything at all about it. All she was doing was crying and bleeding all over her face.

He was yelling at her, and she was giving no reaction but crying.

Surprisingly, no one on the streets seemed to care about what was going on. People were passing by, as thought it were a normal scene they see in their every day life. Only some guys, on the other side of the street stopped to watch but they were not stopping the guy who was hurting the girl.

Then, some of the international AUC students went to stop the guy, and wanted to call the police on them. The guy heard them, and laughed out loud, saying sarcastically that they should call the police and that the police would not be able to do anything and that he did not care.

Finally, he pulled her from her veil, on the floor and took off with her.

This is a scene that you would not see in any country and for foreigners it makes our country look very uncivilized and uneducated. Whatever happened to human rights and gender equity? We all know that because we live in the Arab world, women and men are not treated equally, but this is an unacceptable matter.


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