Thank God I Go To AUC

Last Saturday, I went with a friend of mine who still goes to school, to the Faculty of Fine Arts, which belongs to Helwan University, but is located in Zamalik. She wanted to go to look at the different majors they have there, as she will be graduating from the German School in Dokki, in June and needs to start applying to colleges. Wanting to keep all her options open, she thought of Interior Design among other things such as Law. Knowing that the American University in Cairo (AUC) does not offer either of those majors for undergraduates, she figured that she would have to go to a public university or travel abroad for these. So we went to the Faculty of Fine Arts and it was a disaster.

Faculty of Fine Arts (Helwan) in Zamalik

Both of us were dressed normally, as though we were going to our university/school – jeans and a t-shirt. The looks we got from the students there once we entered were horrifying. They made us feel as though we are aliens through the looks they gave us. We could see the dirty looks the veiled girls were giving us, like we were prostitutes who came in to take all their guys. As for the guys, they made us feel like something was wrong with us; they would not stop starring. We could clearly tell that they were whispering about us.

After going to the registrar, which is not even close to being one, compared to the one we have here in AUC, and seeing that it was closed, we simply left.

The American University in Cairo

I told my friend that she could enjoy her time there if she was really going to apply there. But she told me that she would not because she would be so out of place. Finally, she decided that it will either be AUC or abroad.


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